Write for AI Summer

If you want to contribute towards democratizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning knowledge, we’d be thrilled to publish your incredible content.


Before submitting

Before submitting your article, there are a few essential things you need to know.

  • We do not accept already published articles, so make sure your post is original and hasn’t been published elsewhere. However there are no restrictions on reposting your article after we publish, as long as you just wait one week until cross-posting.

  • Articles with illegally collected data will be rejected. Also make sure to cite the source of every image, code or other media you might use.

  • Articles should deliver real value and learnings to the reader. (If your article only promotes your products or company, it won’t be published)

  • If you use code snippets, make sure your code is readable and follows the style guidelines of the particular language. We pretty much accept all the popular languages. (For the love of god, don’t send us a snippet written in BASIC)

  • Be sure to disclose conflicts of interest, such as partnerships with, or investments in, any companies/technologies covered in the story.

  • If you’re not the author, be sure to tell us what organization you work for and spell out your relationship to the author.

  • No Link Spam (Don’t link to same external domain more than once)


How to submit

1. Write: Your article should be Artificial Intelligence related but there are no real restrictions about the content. It can be fairly technical or some thoughs about an AI application, a coding tutorial, an explanation of an algorithm or a model, lessons and examples from your carrer, a project you work on, a description of a new academic paper.

To get inspired here are some of our most popular posts tags: Machine Leanrning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Science, Programming for AI, Python, R, Data Processing, Data Visualization etc.

2. Submit: You can submit your content on the form below by providing a Google docs, a Dropbox or a Google Colab link

3. Review: One of us will review your article and come back to you, whether it is accepted or not. If it is accepted, he will also provide some feedback about possible changes and improvements.

4. Finalize: Once the draft is finalized, our editors may add additional images, links or other resources. However, we try to keep these change to the minimum.

5. Publish: The post is published to theaisummer.com and we will distribute it to our audience. It is also the time for you to start sharing you work into your social accounts, publications or whatever places you hang out.