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Deep Learning in Production Book

This book will teach you how to build, train, deploy, scale and maintain deep learning models. You will understand ML infrastructure and MLOps using hands-on examples with Tensorflow, Flask, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud and more.

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Introduction to Deep Learning & Neural Networks interactive course

This course is a higly-interactive, hands-on introduction into the most popular deep learning architectures. It will help you learn the intuition and the mathematics behind deep learning and will provide you with practical experience in Pytorch. The course is 100% text-based and is hosted in

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Get started with Machine Learning

Do you want to learn Machine Learning but you don't know what to read or can't find the right resources?

This FREE course has got you covered

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Deep Reinforcement Learning Course

Interested in Reinforcement Learning? Can't find any easy course or book covering all the basics? That's why we combined all of our RL articles into a single pdf to make it easier for you to read. This FREE pdf course is for you

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GANs in Computer Vision Free Ebook

This ebook follows the chronological order of 20 peer-reviewed highly-cited papers as they presented in a series of 6 articles. Our goal was to make this manuscript as self-complete as possible, so everyone can dive into GANs. Consider it as a single point of reference for your current and future reading. If this is something that might interest you, sign up below and we will send it into your inbox right away

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