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Everything you need to know about Deep Learning

At AI Summer you can learn everything about Deep Learning from scratch. Start with fundamental concepts and basic architectures, continue with advanced topics and real-life applications, and finally deploy your model to the world


Why are all of your blog posts free?

AI Summer is created for sharing original AI content. We do not charge for our blog posts, because we believe in accessible and open knowledge sharing. However, the fact our content is free doesn't mean that it is inferior to paid courses. We want to open source a lot of projects, make AI simple and intuitive. We rely on the AI community to support us through donations or buy books that are heavily based on our free content to express your support.

We have reviewed revised and provided feedback in a couple of paid mini-courses. In our experience the amount of money you pay is not always associated with the quality of information and code you get. Conclusion: be careful when you invest your money in AI education courses and appreciate the content that is provided to you for free.

Why do you charge for some of your books then?

The amount of money you pay is not always associated with the quality of information and code you get.

Our huge feedback from the AI community demonstrates that our free tutorials are of high quality. We have a high impact on social media and forums such as reddit because readers appreciate our work and want to engage and share it. It is likely that many of our posts may be of higher quality than a lot of paid material you’ll find online. Believe us, we ‘ve been there!

The main difference is that we invest even more effort into our paid content.

  • We aim to maximize flow between concepts, so you don’t google stuff all the time
  • We minimize the external links so that you can stay focused on your learning journey.
  • We may revisit concepts and decide to delve into them more, i.e. more examples, further analyses of intuitions.
  • Easy to use Colab notebooks or git repositories with AI industry standards code with plenty of comments relating theory and implementation. Documentation is the key to learning AI.
  • Lifetime access with free updates for any new version that we publish. Mistakes are always there. By maintaining all our work online we can constantly improve it.
How can I support AI Summer?

We truly appreciate your support as it helps us continue writing articles and tutorials as well as creating new courses and books. If you find our content useful, please share the word out. You can:

  • Tweet your favorite article
  • Share a tutorial on Linkedin
  • Share a link with your friends or coworkers who are interested in Deep Learning.

If that’s not enough and you want to make a monetary contribution, you can support us on Patreon.

Thank you so much in advance!

Who is behind AI Summer?
  • S.K.: Hello there. My name is Sergios Karagiannakos and I started AI Summer back in 2018. I am a Machine Learning Engineer with plenty of experience in building scalable ML systems and an inherent passion for learning new things.
  • N.A. : Hello from me as well. I am Nikolas Adaloglou and I am a content writer since 2019. I am working as an AI researcher and my main interests include 3D medical imaging, image and video analysis, graph-based deep learning models and generative deep learning.
  • S.K.: In my career, I have worked with many different companies and individuals helping them build Machine Learning products either as a Data Scientist or as a Software Engineer. For a while, I also worked as part of the Machine Learning Infrastructure team at Hubspot
  • N.A. : Some of my previous projects include applications of radiotherapy for people with cancer, Greek Sign Language solution systems and educational games for people with disabilities.

One thing that we both can tell you for sure is that we believe in sharing our Machine Learning experiences with writing, we want to help others understand and exploit the great potential of Artificial Intelligence. Above all, we aim in the development and promotion of human-centered AI solutions.

Why did you start AI Summer?

AI Summer started as a medium to document and advance our knowledge in the field of Deep Learning. As we invested more and more time in writing articles, our goal shifted towards helping other people as well discover the potential of AI.

We aim to provide 100% authentic deep learning content, covering all aspects of the field from research to software engineering. We are trying to collect and organize all Deep Learning related information from mathematics and models to programming and software architecture into a single blog. To present the latest trends in the field and to help people understand how and why Artificial Intelligence is going to play a vital role in humanity’s future.

We hope you enjoy your time spent on AI Summer!

Where did the name “AI Summer” come from?

In the history of Artificial Intelligence (AI), an AI winter was a period of reduced research funding. Going back to 1974, the field of AI has previously experienced several seasonal hypes, followed by disappointment and criticism, and as a result of funding cuts. The reason is simple: too many expectations for that time!

We believe that AI has moved forward to a new era. Even though we are still ambitious, we are completely aware of the expectations of AI. The advent of deep neural networks brought hope in the field and revolutionized a plethora of domains. AI solutions are everywhere, from visual recognition to natural language processing

I am a professional AI researcher/PhD student. Can I share my personal experience in AI Summer?

The answer is absolutely yes! We would love to create a community of PhD students, professional AI researchers, and engineers that share their content. However, we would not sacrifice the authenticity of our blog. We have a special form for article submissions, but we would definitely like to get to know you first. Send us a mail or a message on social media.

I am interested in working with you. Can we chat?

If you have a business opportunity for us, please use our contact form or send us an email at sergios@theaisummer.com and/or nikolas@theaisummer.com

You can also ping us on Twitter or Linkedin, but we can’t guarantee that it will reach us as we receive quite a few notifications and messages every week.

Can I use your article/code in my projects?

You are free and even encouraged to use our content in your project, whether it’s for educational purposes, for fun, or for profit.

However, we do ask that you cite AI Summer by providing a link back to our blog along with the title of the article and the name of the author.

You can also use the following format to cite us:

 @article{aisummer,    title   =  “title of the article”,    author  = “author”,     journal = "https://theaisummer.com/",     year    = “publishing year”,     url     = "article url"    }   
Can you do some consulting for me or my company?

Absolutely. We do offer consulting services and contracting work through AI Summer.

We also collaborate with different other experienced engineers and ML researchers depending on the use case, so we can help you in a variety of ways.

We kindly ask you to send us an email outlining your project and your timeline and then we can hop on a call discussing the details, if we really believe that we can help you!

We will not undertake a project we cannot provide additional value.

I have a suggestion. Will you write a tutorial, book or course on this topic?

We are always open to new content ideas, so feel free to contact us with any suggestions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Can you help me with my MSc, PhD or homework?

We really want to help you and that is one of the main reasons we started AI Summer.

However, we think it’s best that you ask first your university advisor or teacher because he probably knows best. Feel free though to send us an email asking questions and we may address them in a future article.

Finally, we do not offer 1-1 coaching apart from exceptional cases!

I found an error in your posts. Can I submit it?

It would be awesome if you do! For starters an email to nikolas@theaisummer.com would work just fine. However, we plan to make something more easy and immediate in the next version of our website!