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Funtamental Machine Learning principles and concepts that are extended into Deep Neural Networks

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ICCV 2023 top papers, general trends, and personal picks

Do you want to learn all the latest state-of-the-art methods of the last year? Learn about the best and most famous papers that made the cut from this year’s ICCV. See the latest trends in AI and computer vision.

Machine Learning

Understanding Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Supervised Learning

This article demystifies the ML learning modeling process under the prism of statistics. We will understand how our assumptions on the data enable us to create meaningful optimization problems.

Machine Learning

Neural Architecture Search (NAS): basic principles and different approaches

Explore what is neural architecture search, compare the most popular,SOTA methodologies and implement it with nni

Machine Learning

Spiking Neural Networks: where neuroscience meets artificial intelligence

Discorver how to formulate and train Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs) using the LIF model, and how to encode data so that it can be processed by SNNs

Machine Learning

Regularization techniques for training deep neural networks

Discover what is regularization, why it is necessary in deep neural networks and explore the most frequently used strategies: L1, L2, dropout, stohastic depth, early stopping and more

Machine Learning

Explainable AI (XAI): A survey of recents methods, applications and frameworks

What is Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), what are the most popular methods, where and how can it be applied

Machine Learning

A journey into Optimization algorithms for Deep Neural Networks

An overview of the most popular optimization algorithms for training deep neural networks. From stohastic gradient descent to Adam, AdaBelief and second-order optimization

Machine Learning

In-layer normalization techniques for training very deep neural networks

How can we efficiently train very deep neural network architectures? What are the best in-layer normalization options? We gathered all you need about normalization in transformers, recurrent neural nets, convolutional neural networks.

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Explain Neural Arithmetic Logic Units (NALU)

What is behind the NALU Deepmind paper

Machine Learning

Deep Learning- The future or another AI buzzword

How deep learning is changing the world

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Neural Network from scratch-part 2

How to buld a Convolutional neural network library using C++ and OpenCL

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Neural Network from scratch-part 1

How to buld a neural network library using C++ and OpenCL

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Document clustering

Use unsupervised learning to cluster documents based on their content