New Course: Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks

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Discover the world of Deep Learning and its applications. From Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing to Reinforcement Learning and Medical Imaging.

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AI Summer is a free educational blog with one single purpose. To help you learn everything you need to know about Deep Learning

If you want to become a Machine Learning Expert, a Data Scientist or simply stay updated on the latest trends in the field, this is the site for you.

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Learn Deep Learning

Discover the fundamental principles behind Deep Neural Networks both from a programming and a mathematical point of view. Then you can proceed to more advance concepts and state of the art techniques

Build AI Products

Develop and deploy real-life AI solutions on a variety of fields such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Robotics and Healthcare.

Add Machine Learning to your business

Utilize AI into your products and gain invaluable insights about your business performance. Or build entirely new Deep Learning startups that will provide value to our society.

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Explore the most promising and recent Artificial Intelligence research as well as the best Machine Learning products and tools.

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An Artificial Intelligenge hub where you can find and learn anything related to Deep Learning. From fundamental principles to state of art research and real-life applications

Attention and Transformers
Generative Learning
Machine Learning
Reinforcement Learning

Learn how Machine learning works

Start from the basics and learn about architectures such as Convolutional Networks and LSTMs.

Continue with more advance concepts like Reinfocement and Generative Learning by diving into state of the art research papers.

Finally it’s time to put your skills into practice by developing Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing applications using the most popular frameworks.