Convolutional Neural Networks

A class of deep networks that use spatial structure and can be thought as regularized semi-connected feed forward networks. They have been extensively used in Computer vision applications.

Convolutional Neural Networks · Medical · Computer Vision · Pytorch

An overview of Unet architectures for semantic segmentation and biomedical image segmentation

Learn everything about one of the most famous convolutional neural network architectures that is widely used on image segmentation.

Convolutional Neural Networks · Computer Vision · Pytorch

Best deep CNN architectures and their principles: from AlexNet to EfficientNet

How convolutional neural networks work? What are the principles behind designing one CNN architecture? How did we go from AlexNet to EfficientNet?

Convolutional Neural Networks · Computer Vision

Understanding the receptive field of deep convolutional networks

An intuitive guide on why it is important to inspect the receptive field, as well as how the receptive field affect the design choices of deep convolutional networks.

Convolutional Neural Networks

Intuitive Explanation of Skip Connections in Deep Learning

What are skip connections, why we need them and how they are applied to architectures such as ResNet, DenseNet and UNet.

Convolutional Neural Networks · Computer Vision

Localization and Object Detection with Deep Learning

Explain RCNN, Fast RCNN and Faster RCNN

Convolutional Neural Networks · Computer Vision

Semantic Segmentation in the era of Neural Networks

Semantic segmentation with deep learning

Convolutional Neural Networks · Computer Vision

YOLO - You only look once (Single shot detectors)

Single shot detectors and how YOLO is used for object detection and localization

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Neural Network from scratch-part 2

How to buld a Convolutional neural network library using C++ and OpenCL