About AI Summer

Hi I’m Sergios Karagiannakos and I am the founder of AI Summer.

As a software engineer I always find myself searching through the web trying to find the best resource to understand something. Whatever this is. A new technology, a new framework or some new fancy algorithm.

But the more complex something is , the more difficult is to find a good blog post or a good book. You will probably find something but it won’t be what you need. It will be either over-complicated or over-simplified. Especially when that something is called Artificial Intelligence.

That’s where AI Summer comes play. Our mission is to help you learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning without make your head hurt.

Whether you are a Programmer with no idea about AI , a researcher who has never written a line of code , a manager who tries to incorporate Machine learning into his business or just an individual who is very curious about all that shenanigans, AI Summer is for you.

We are trying to collect and organize all the related information from mathematics and models to programming and software architecture into a single blog. To present the latest trends in the field and to help you understand how and why Artificial Intelligence is going to play a vital role in humanity’s future.

And it’s not about just learning stuff. It’s also about advancing your career in the field and find real solutions to your business problems.

Still not convinced? There is one other thing.

It’s completely free. That’s right. No paywall, no memberships, nothing.

If this sounds something you’re interested in, sign up here to get free updates and become a part of the AI Summer community.


About Sergios Karagiannakos


It was around 2012 when the Deep Learning buzzword was starting to appear. I was still in college at that time and I decided to take a course called Pattern Recognition because of all the hype.

That was it. Ever since my whole career is pretty much centered around Artificial Intelligence and I wouldn’t have it any other way, to be honest

After I finished my Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, I joined a small startup as a Data Scientist and then I worked as an Independent Contractor, helping companies and individuals building their Machine Learning products and gain business value through Data Science.

Last time I checked, I was a Software Engineer at HubSpot as a part of the Machine Learning Infrastructure team. Well, I decided to see Machine Learning from a backend developer perspective and dive into the engineering and deployment part of AI.