Unsupervised Learning

A category of ML algorithms that analyze and discover patterns from unlabeled data

Unsupervised Learning · Computer Vision

BYOL tutorial: self-supervised learning on CIFAR images with code in Pytorch

Implement and understand byol, a self-supervised computer vision method without negative samples. Learn how BYOL learns robust representations for image classification.

Unsupervised Learning · Computer Vision

Self-supervised learning tutorial: Implementing SimCLR with pytorch lightning

Learn how to implement the infamous contrastive self-supervised learning method called SimCLR. Step by step implementation in PyTorch and PyTorch-lightning

Unsupervised Learning

Understanding SWAV: self-supervised learning with contrasting cluster assignments

A mathematical explanation of the Swapping Assignments Between Views (SWAV) paper.

Unsupervised Learning · Computer Vision

Grokking self-supervised (representation) learning: how it works in computer vision and why

A general perspective on understanding self-supervised representation learning methods.

Autoencoders · Generative Learning · Unsupervised Learning

The theory behind Latent Variable Models: formulating a Variational Autoencoder

Explaining the mathematics behind generative learning and latent variable models and how Variational Autoencoders (VAE) were formulated (code included)

Computer Vision · Unsupervised Learning

Self-supervised representation learning on videos

In this article, we dive into the state-of-the-art methods on self-supervised representation learning in computer vision, by carefully reviewing the fundamentals concepts of self-supervision on learning video representations.

Graph Neural Networks · Unsupervised Learning

Graph Neural Networks - An overview

How Neural Networks can be used in graph data

Autoencoders · Unsupervised Learning · Generative Learning · Pytorch

How to Generate Images using Autoencoders

Learn what autoencoders are and build one to generate new images

Natural Language Processing · Unsupervised Learning · Machine Learning

Document clustering

Use unsupervised learning to cluster documents based on their content